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Overwhelming success of SJU Greek event

“Greek News”, October 22nd, 2007
New York.- A devastating Iraq War, declining economy, fire ravaged Greece is inspiring a return to oneʼs roots. The Fourth Annual Evening of Greek Culture and Cuisine at St. Johnʼs University in Council Hall on Friday, October 12th had standing room only. The Panchiaki Korais Society Dance Group under the supervision of Evangelia Klidas and Katie Markidis mesmerized an audience of 200 persons with a program of dances that exemplified the best of Greece.
The Pan Cyprian Association of America, through the assistance of President Philip Christopher, granted one thousand dollars of scholarships to outstanding students Veronica Georgiades and Christiana Pashiou. Outstanding Benefators honored included: Rev. Anastasios Diakovasilis; New York State Senator Frank Padavan; Stephen Cherpelis, Archon Dikaiophylax of the Order of the Order of St. Andrew the Apostle; Journalist/Webmaster Nancy Biska and the Pan Macedonian Studies Center under the presidency of Elias Neofytides.
Award presentations were given to SJU Assistant Dean Ekaterini Georgiades, Greek Club president Diamanto Ktenas; Past Greek Club President Irene Zouroudis and Kostas Lambiris, vice-president of the Pan Macedonian Studies Center. Student moderators of the program were Haritomeni Scoufaras, Theodora Christodoulou and Marina Filippatos.
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Scholarship and Spanakopita

Source: United Federation of Teachers – UFT
There’s Greek dancing, Greek food, Greek myths and, most important, Greek Independence — when the country won its freedom from Turkish rule on March 25, 1829. At a precelebration on March 16 at the union’s Manhattan headquarters, the UFT Hellenic American Educators Association hosted an evening of scholarship and spanakopita.
After welcoming remarks by Deme Savoplis, association president, broadcast journalist Nancy Biska gave the keynote speech. Following, Loakim Barbalios from the Macedonia Association discussed his research on how American textbooks approach Greek issues. After a lively question-andanswer session, the group kicked back for an evening of great Greek food and traditional dance performed by the Greek American Folklore Society.

Educators honor Greek Independence

Greek News, MARCH 19TH, 2007
New York.- Journalist extraordinaire, Nancy Biska delivered a powerful speech at the Hellenic American Educators Association of the United Federation of Teachers annual Hellenic Heritage Event, on March 15th, at their Manhattan headquarters. The colorful evening provided a celebratory prelude to Greek Independence Day, commemorated world-wide, on March 25th.

Ms. Biskaʼs presentation was preceded by the opening remarks of the Hellenic American Educators Association President, Ms. Demi Savopolis, who warmly greeted those in attendance. Among the notables present was Mrs. Stella Kokkolis, who is the President of the Federation of Greek-American Educators; also the esteemed Board of Director for the Federation of Greek-American Educators, Ms. Adriana Filiotis. “The lecture by Nancy Biska was not only very informative but also very documentary and scientific” said Mrs. Kokolis. “Bravo to H.A.E.A. for the entire program. Our Federation is very pleased to see celebrations that try to perpetuate the Hellenic language and our heritage. We wish to our colleagues health and success in their endeavors”.
A delicious buffet of traditional Greek cuisine was provided, for all to enjoy. The Greek-American Folklore Society danced spiritedly to the soulful Greek music.
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1,000 Turn Out to Honor Mitsotakis And Tsakopoulos

Prominent California developer and philanthropist Angelo Tsakopoulos, former Prime Minister of Greece Constantine Mitsotakis, Nancy Biska, Pan-Cretan Association of America President Emmanuel Velivasakis and Greek Foreign Minister Dora Bakoyanni during the Association’s event in honor of Mr. Mitsotakis and Mr. Tsakopoulos at Flushing’s Terrace On The Park last Friday, September 29.

National Herald, OCTOBER 7, 2006
By Demetris Tsakas
NEW YORK – The Pan-Cretan Association of America honored former Prime Minister of Greece Constantine Mitsotakis with the Eleftherios Venizelos Award and the Nikos Kazantzakis Award to the California real estate magnate Angelo Tsakopoulos during a special dinner in honor of the two men at Flushing’s Terrace On The Park last weekend. Almost 1,000 members of the Greek American community from the Tri-State area (New York, New Jersey and Connecticut), as well as from Illinois and Texas and other states, attended, easily making the dinner the most well-attended Greek American event so far this season.
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Hellenic Classical Charter School

Greek News, April 17th 2006, Photos Maria Tolios

New York.- The operation and quality of education offered by the Greek American Charter Schools in the United States as well as issues relating to their economic support by the US government, the role of the Greek state etc. were examined at a symposium organized in New York on Saturday by the Greek Classical Charter School in cooperation with the Hellenic American National Council, HANC.

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Dr. Gaetano Cipolla Lecture at PanMacedonian Studies Center

Greek News, March 13th 2006, By Catherine Tsounis
“Sicily was an uninhabited paradise of green forests and rivers in 1000 B.C.,” said Dr. Gaetano Cipolla on Friday evening, Feb. 24th at the Pan-Macedonian Studies Center in Whitestone, New York. “Greek navigators explored the island for several hundred years. There were few persons and Carthaginians on the island. The Greeks began the first massive colonization of the island. They were the first to settle and develop a Sicilian civilization. While other persons came as conquerors, the Greeks came to stay and gave to Sicily.” Dr. Cipolla, a St. John’s University professor at the Languages and Literatures Department, is the foremost Sicilian-American historian in the United States.
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Achilles in Iraq

The Greek Ambassador to the US, Mr. George Savvaides, opened an unusual conference at the University of Missouri-St. Louis.  The conference was called “Achilles in Iraq” and its purpose was to provide a new perspective of current events in Iraq, as well as the Vietnam war, through the eyes of the Greeks.   The results were stunning.
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Canada: Visiting the Greek Canadian Community


Βράβευση Προσωπικοτήτων

Greek News, MAY 24TH, 2003
Με την κατάθεση στεφάνου στο άγαλμα του Κολοκοτρώνη και τη βράβευση προσωπικοτήτων άρχισε σήμερα το βράδυ το τριήμερο των εκδηλώσεών της για τα 41 χρόνια της προσφοράς της στον ελληνισμό, η «AΗEPA, Hellas-Cyprus”, η Αμερικανο-Ελληνική Εκπαιδευτική Προοδευτική Ένωση. «Η ΑΧΕΠΑ είναι εδώ και στηρίζει τον ελληνισμό”, τόνισε από το βήμα της Παλαιάς Βουλής ο Κυβερνήτης της ένωσης κ. Βασίλειος Γκότζιος δίνοντας την επίσημη έναρξη των εκδηλώσεων και ειδικότερα του Συμποσίου με θέμα «Ελληνισμός και Οικουμενικότητα».
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Tomorrow’s Philhellenes

Published in Hellenic Communication Service LLC
As part of a series of features examining Greek language education in the USA, we present excerpts from a discussion between Gerasimos Arsenis and Nancy Biska. Mr. Arsenis, former Minister of Education in Greece, is now a member of parliament.  He is affiliated with the governing PASOK party. Nancy Biska has served as managing editor and journalist for leading Greek national and international newspapers and magazines.
Over the past fifteen years, Ms. Biska has held the position of Producer for the BBC Greek service, and has produced and hosted broadcasts for an independent Greek television network in New York. Ms. Biska, who has received numerous awards for her contributions to Greek culture, is President of the Democracy Foundation. The interview, originally conducted in Greek, has been translated by Nina Gatzoulis. Continue Reading