In Memory of Dr. Panagiotis Kokolis Scholarship

Greek News, MARCH 23RD, 2009
By Catherine Tsounis
The second “In Memory of Dr. Panagiotis Kokolis” Scholarship was awarded Tuesday evening, March 3rd at the Fifth Annual Greek Independence Day Celebration of the St. Johnʼs University Modern Greek Language and Literature Program of the Languages and Literatures Department in Council Hall.
The awardʼs criterion is based on outstanding community service and academic scholarship. Chrissa Kostadaras is this yearʼs recipient. The award of five hundred dollars was presented by Mrs. Athanasia Nancy Biska, President of the Pan Macedonian Studies Center.

Dr. Panagiotis Kokolis was a prominent physician in Brooklyn, New York. Philanthropist, Community Activist and Supporter of Hellenism described his life. He inspired his wife, Stella Kokolis, to expand the growth of Greek language, culture and religion internationally. He is best remembered by his patients for his outstanding medical ability and generosity.
“Tonight we are presenting the second ʽIn Memory of Dr. Panagiotis Kokolisʼ Scholarship as a community service award,” said Ms. Biska. “Our award recipient is from an Athenian family with roots from Smyrna, Asia Minor, and the center of the Ionian civilization that inspired the Athens civilization of Pericles that is the basis of western civilization. Scholar Chrissa Kostadaras has aided the expansion of the Modern Greek language at St. Johnʼs University.
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